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A list of recommended websites and resources for blackjack players.

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Blackjack Directory Resources

DMOZ Blackjack Directory - The open directory.

Yahoo Blackjack Directory - The oldest directory on the web, but offers a minimal selection of websites.

BOTW Blackjack Directory - Best of the Web listings. One of the more selective directories, and they do a good job of adding new sites regularly.

GoGuides Blackjack Directory - Not as selective as the DMOZ or Yahoo categories, but many good sites.

JoeAnt Online Blackjack Directory - A minimal number of listings, but good editorial control.

WebWorldIndex  Blackjack Directory - Surprisingly good listing of blackjack websites.

Blackjack Websites

The Wikipedia Blackjack Page - Page all about Blackjack featured Wikipedia.

Blackjack Professor - A well rounded blackjack guide offering detailed information about live blackjack and online blackjack.

Blackjack Info - Ken Smith's excellent resource on blackjack basic strategy and other blackjack topics.

Blackjack Tournaments - Another site from Ken, mostly a forum discussing blackjack tourneys.

Blackjack Statistics - A collection of blackjack data.

Card Games Websites

Online Casino Websites

101 Online Casino - Great resource for those getting started with online casinos for the first time.


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